A pre-reservation is necessary. You can make a reservation by E-mail or using our homepage wanua-adventure.enjoykomodo.com. We do need the full name, address, nationality and birth date of each participant for clearing you at the harbour master's office. We don't except bookings by texting or phone calls. A deposit is required.

Confirmation and Invoice
We give your reservations details to Wanua. Wanua will list you in its reservation list and we send you a confirmation along with a deposit invoice. We ask for a down payment or deposit of maximal 650.000 IDR (cabin 1.000.000 IDR) per person to confirm your reservation from your site. The down payment will be stated in Indonesian Rupiah or US$ or Euro. Please note, if other agents ask for a higher deposit to pay, they are not serious and you have to be carefull to do a booking with them. The deposit has to be paid at least one month before departure or immediately, if the time between booking and departure date is less than 14 days. If we don't get the deposit in time or if we don't get any deposit, we have the right to cancel your reservation.  
After we have received the deposit, we forward the deposit to Wanua Adventure and we will issue a voucher and send it to you.

Balance Payment
The balance has to be paid at least one day before the tour starts at the Wanua office in Labuan Bajo or in Bangsal. Wanua only accepts cash in Indonesian Rupiah.

Reconfirmation --> Tour Lombok to Flores
A reconfirmation is absolutely necessary. Please come at least one day before departure to the Wanua office at Bangsal harbour to reconfirm your travel and for balance payment. The boats are usually full and it happens sometimes that the boats get overbooked. We recommend not to arrive in the evening at the Wanua office in Bangsal as the office might be closed already.

Reconfirmation --> Tour Flores to Lombok
Please come at least one day before departure to the Wanua office at Labuan Bajo to reconfirm your travel and balance payment.

Cancelation by your site
You can cancel your reservation any time. Fifty percent of the deposit gets refunded if your cancelation time is more than 14 days before the expected departure day. If it is less than 15 days, you don't get any refund.

Cancelation by Wanua
Wanua gets the right to cancel the tour any time, if the minimum number of guests is not reached, if the boat has to be unexpected maintained or if the weather condtions doesn't allow to travel in regard to your own safety. Wanua will refund you the deposit or will look for an alternative. Enjoy Komodo is not responsible for overbookings by the Wanua management as we have the function of an agent.

Enjoy Komodo! acts as an agent. The tour operator is Wanua Adventure Tours in Labuan Bajo/Bangsal.

wanua adventure tour

I traveled with Wanua the route Flores to Lombok. I was lucky that I didn't do the tour the other way around as I have been told from guests in Labuan Bajo who just came from Lombok that the boat was totally packed. In our group we were only 10 people. A nice and small and international group. Yes the boat is simple and nothing for spoiled travelers. But we had always a lot of fun, saw many attr...
Me and my boyfriend went with Wanua Adventure from Lombok to Flores. We didn't expect much service for that low price and were prepared to travel for four days in very basic conditions. The boat was almost fully booked and we had such a fun with all the travelers that we didn't realised anymore that we travel without much comfort. Some of the travelers we met already in Gili Trawangan. We snor...
An enjoyable adventure tour from Flores to Lombok for a low budget.