Boat Tour Flores to West-Lombok/Gilis

Operating Time: March to end of November
Departure Days: Wednesdays and Sundays at 7:00 am
4 days / 3 nights
Arrival at Bangsal:
on the 4th day apprx. at 8 o'clock in the morning


There are so many different attractions offered by Wanua Adventure on this 4 days / 3 nights boat tour from Labuan Bajo, Flores to Bangsal Habour, Lombok and the Gilis.
The highlights are Rinca - Padar Island - Komodo - Pink Beach - Manta Point - Gili Laba - Satonda Island - Moyo Island

  --> RINCA ISLAND for a walk and exploring the Dragons
  --> PADAR ISLAND for hiking
  --> KOMODO ISLAND for hiking and watching the Dragons
  --> KALONG ISLAND to see the Flying Foxes in case they are around

Meeting point is at the Wanua office in Labuan Bajo, Flores at 6:30 in the morning. After all participants have gathered, we walk to the harbour which is just 200 meters from the office. We store our luggage in the storage compartiment of the boat and choose our place to sit. Then we have to say good bye to our lovely island of Flores. The boat chills away always along the coast line of Flores towards Rinca Island.

At the bay of Loh Buaya we leave the boat and do a short walk to the office of the Komodo National Park. Our ranger might already wait for us. He introduces us to some hiking treks. Usually the Wanua group chooses the Medium trek which leads to the Bushaland and also to the Savanna Hill from where we have a fantastic view to the other islands with their high Lontar Palms and the Komodo National Park. Rinca is smaller than Komodo and the chance to see dragons in the nature is better than on Komodo. We pass the huts of the rangers and we can already spot some dragons lieing lazy under the houses, which are built on stilts. These dragons are lured by the smell of the kitchen in the huts. Here on Rinca, much more Komodo Drgons can be sighted in their original environment than on Komodo, which is probably due to the fact that the animals' areas are closer to the trails than to Komodo. On our trail we can expect hopefully more dragons and their "live food": deers, wild boars and even a water buffalo.

Back on the boat we head to Padar Island. It is definitely a great place to spend some time. We hike to the top of the hill but it is not really necessary. From the middle of the hills, we can already get that breathtaking panoramic photo of the fantastic shape of this island with lots of sandy bays and white-red beaches. The view is worth every sweat. One of the many highlights of our trip.

In the late afternoon we arrive at Komodo. The biggest island on which the last and greatest primeval lizards live. Various long walks are offered by the rangers on Komodo. A good chance to see the Komodo Dragons is on the middle trail of about 4.5 km. The walk goes through light woods, along riverbeds, up to a hill with a brilliant view.
The evening we spend on the boat. Our dinner is placed on a cloth laid out on the deck. It is simple and we are sure it tastes good. There are rice, chicken or tofu, various vegetables and Indonesian salad. Before we all go to our mattresses on the upper deck, most of us might still sit together with one or two of our brought beers or soft drinks. We talk about our experince in East-Indonesia. Slowly, slowly we get tired. It was a long and exciting day. In full expectation what the next day may bring we might fall asleep.
Infront of Kalong Island we stay for overnight on deck of the boat

  --> PINK BEACH for snorkeling
  --> MANTA POINT to snorkel with the Manta Rays if they are around and weather conditions permit it
  --> GILI LABA for snorkeling and hiking to the top of the hill from where you have an incredible view

Early in the morning we travel to the coral reefs infront of Pink Beach. The Beach got its name from the red corall sand which is mixed with yellow send and from far away the beach lights red. The coral reefs are one of the best in the Komodo National Park. Lots of colourful fish of all sizes swim around. Sometimeswe can spot sea turtles and dolphins as well.  
Our next stop is another highlight of this wonderful morning: Manta Point. With some luck we can swim together with the huge and flat Manta Rays. Awesome creatures. But be aware of the strong currents. Unfortunately they are not always around so we need a rally a lot of luck. 
Everywhere in the Komodo National Park are islands with gentle green nature and countless hills, embedded in deep blue to light turquoise coloured water. Coral reefs and sand banks flash out of the bright turquoise water. Huge sea eagles circle and eye us curiously. Our boat finally docks in front of Gili Laba. Incredible beautiful! We climb the highest hill on this island with its two side hills. The all-round view is more than breathtaking.
During the night we travel to Satonda Island

  --> SALT WATER LAKE on Santonda Island and swimming
  --> MOYO ISLAND for snorkeling and visit the waterfall

We will be awakened by a beautiful sunrise. There are banana pancakes and coffee or tea for breakfast. After a  while we reach Satonda Island. This island is located in a nature reserve. Once again armed with snorkel and mask we snorkel towards the beach. Many fish,sometimes of bigger size, accompany us. Only a few meters from the shore there is a large salt water lake which is the attraction of this island. We continue our boat journey along the north coast of  of Sumbawa - hour by hour. Green hills and mountains are the only companions.
Finally we reach Moyo Island. We grap our snorkel masks and jump into the water to explore the wonderful underwater world at this spot. Many colourful fish and a few coral reefs are the great experience this day. From the beach we walk about 300 meters through a forest to a small waterfall. One could say it replaces a fresh water shower. The place is majestic. In the sunlight there are endless orange-coloured butterflies. What a beauty is it here!
During the night we travel along the north-east and the north-west coast of Lombok to Bangsal, the gateway to Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno. The coastal area is little populated. If it wouldn't be dark, sometimes small villages or a few houses could be seen. Holy Mt. Rinjani, with 3,726 meters, the second highest volcano of Indonesia, accompanies us proudly all along the way in this night.

  --> BANGSAL HARBOUR (North-West of Lombok, Gateway to the Gilis) arrival apprx. 8 am
  --> Senggigi by bus or to
  --> one of the Three Gilis by public shuttle boat

Approximately at 8 in the morning we arrive at Bangsal harbour. Our tour guide leads us to the Wanua office from where the shuttle cars to Senggigi or the tickets for the public shuttle boats to the Gilis get organised.
We say farewell and thank you for joining Wanua Adventure.

Itinerary subject to change

Flores to Lombok/Gilis: Only 1,750,000 IDR (ca. 120 EURO / apprx. 135 USD) per person
Double Bed Cabin supplement 1,400,000 IDR for maximum 2 persons

Included in the price:
* boat cruise as per itinerary
* all meals on board, coffee, tea
* six bottles of mineral water (1.5 l each) for each person
* shared snorkeling gear as masks and snorkels for sharing, no fins provided
* english speaking guide
* transfer with a public bus or car from Bangsal to Senggigi
* transfer with a public boat from Bangsal to Gili Trawangan or Air or Meno one way

* Ranger and National Park Fees of 375.000 IDR per person (departure on Sundays 450.000 IDR p.p.)
* fins
* alcoholic or soft beverage
airport or hotel transfers

wanua adventure tour

I traveled with Wanua the route Flores to Lombok. I was lucky that I didn't do the tour the other way around as I have been told from guests in Labuan Bajo who just came from Lombok that the boat was totally packed. In our group we were only 10 people. A nice and small and international group. Yes the boat is simple and nothing for spoiled travelers. But we had always a lot of fun, saw many attr...
Me and my boyfriend went with Wanua Adventure from Lombok to Flores. We didn't expect much service for that low price and were prepared to travel for four days in very basic conditions. The boat was almost fully booked and we had such a fun with all the travelers that we didn't realised anymore that we travel without much comfort. Some of the travelers we met already in Gili Trawangan. We snor...
An enjoyable adventure tour from Flores to Lombok for a low budget.