Frequently Asked Questions

for a Wanua Adventure cruise between Flores, Komodo, Sumbawa, Lombok and the Gilis

Is the Wanua boat safe?
We would say yes. The boat is equipped with life jackets, one or two life rafts and a radio transmitter. Only if there are really rough sea conditions the boat cannot operate anymore. In these cases the boat doesn't leave the harbour and if it happens on sea, the boat tries to get to the next island immediately.  

How are the sea conditions between Flores and Lombok?
The sea is usually calm. However it could be extremely rough from middle of July to middle of August as well as from December until February especially between Sumbawa and Komodo. Usually Wanua doesn't operate in January and February. And in July and August, in case the sea is too rough, Wanua stops operating. It is hard to forecast. Every year are different weather conditions. Wanua will inform you about it.

I am not anymore the youngest. Does this Wanua journey suits me?
The average age of the travelers ranges between 20 and 28 years. However Wanua have also enough couples and single persons in the mid fifties and mid sixties as participants. The oldest traveler Wanua have had was a 76 year old lady who accompanied her grand daughter. It depends on how old you feel by yourself, in which physical condition you are and whether you feel suitable with the basic conditions and basic comfort. 

Can I expect comfort on Wanua Boats?
We will be honest. It is a tour for people who travel on a low budget. Therefore don't expect any comfort, luxury facilities or plenty of service. The boat is basic equipped. If Wanua would upgrade its service and facilities they cannot hold the low price anymore. The cruise is designed as an adventure tour. 

What is the best travel direction? Flores to Lombok or Lombok to Flores?
We would say the cruise from Flores to Lombok/Gilis. Most travelers prefer to make the cruise starting in Lombok and heading to Flores after their stay on the Gilis. The boat could be very crowded and packed due to the high amount of travelers. Therefore we decided not to offer anymore the tour direction Lombok to Flores. Often the boats got overbooked. We strongly recommend to fly first to Flores and join the tour from there to Lombok or to the Gilis. Usually there are less travelers on the boat.

How many people are usually on board?
It is hard to forecast. If you start your adventure cruise in Lombok there are 10 to 20 people in average in low season. In high and peak season, in July and August. the boats are usually full. 25 to 32 people. If you start your adventure cruise in Flores there are between 2 and 15 guests on board in low season and in high season 10 to 22 people in average. 

Is there enough fresh water and drinking water on board?
Fresh water is limited for taking a shower especially when the boat travels with the maximum amount of guests. Six 1.5 liter bottles of drinking water are provided for each guest on board. Coffee and tea is unlimeted and free. Feel free to bring more water or other drinks if you like.

Are there any hidden costs?
Honestly, there are no hidden costs. Don't worry! The only additional costs you have to pay are the National Park fees in the Komodo National Park and in the Moyo Island National Park. The costs are stated in the itinerary descriptions.

Is there any discount for children?
Unfortunately there is not anymore any discount for children.

Do I get a discount if I book many people in?
Unfortuately not. The price calculation is a mixed calculation over the year. In the very low season the boat operates already with a minimum of two people on board from Flores to Lombok. You can imagine that the money from two or four people doesn't cover the operational costs for this long journey. In high and peak season the losses get compensated. We are sure the price is reasonable for such a journey and the service you get. Don't you think so, too?  

wanua adventure tour

I traveled with Wanua the route Flores to Lombok. I was lucky that I didn't do the tour the other way around as I have been told from guests in Labuan Bajo who just came from Lombok that the boat was totally packed. In our group we were only 10 people. A nice and small and international group. Yes the boat is simple and nothing for spoiled travelers. But we had always a lot of fun, saw many attr...
Me and my boyfriend went with Wanua Adventure from Lombok to Flores. We didn't expect much service for that low price and were prepared to travel for four days in very basic conditions. The boat was almost fully booked and we had such a fun with all the travelers that we didn't realised anymore that we travel without much comfort. Some of the travelers we met already in Gili Trawangan. We snor...
An enjoyable adventure tour from Flores to Lombok for a low budget.