What to bring for a Wanua Adventure Tour

- Bring some snacks as food gets served only three times a day. It definitely will come in handy after snorkeling or swimming to have something small to snack on. 
- Feel free to bring bottles or cans of beer and soft drinks. Wanua provides an ice box which keeps the drinks cool for at least 2 days.
- Bring a book. There are long days where you sail for hours, and it’s nice to have something to read.
- Bring plenty of sunblocker if you don’t want to look like a burnt lobster.
- Bring an Underwater Camera if you want to take some photos while snorkeling.  There is some amazing snorkeling, especially at Satonda Island!
- And last but not least bring your friends, your lover, your spouse or your family :-)

wanua adventure tour

I traveled with Wanua the route Flores to Lombok. I was lucky that I didn't do the tour the other way around as I have been told from guests in Labuan Bajo who just came from Lombok that the boat was totally packed. In our group we were only 10 people. A nice and small and international group. Yes the boat is simple and nothing for spoiled travelers. But we had always a lot of fun, saw many attr...
Me and my boyfriend went with Wanua Adventure from Lombok to Flores. We didn't expect much service for that low price and were prepared to travel for four days in very basic conditions. The boat was almost fully booked and we had such a fun with all the travelers that we didn't realised anymore that we travel without much comfort. Some of the travelers we met already in Gili Trawangan. We snor...
An enjoyable adventure tour from Flores to Lombok for a low budget.